HipCinema Labs: Projects on Harriet Tubman and Lewis Latimer

HIPCINEMA LABS is media arts incubator run by veteran independent filmmakers Nadine M. Patterson and Parris Z. Moore. We support diverse professionals with creative, educational and entrepreneurial initiatives in film, media and design arts.

HIPCINEMA LABS mission is to develop and produce film works that speak to socially-conscious themes and subject matter. Of particular interest to us is the little known herstory and history of people of the African Diaspora. By centering people of color in our stories, we hope to redress an important imbalance. Donations to our projects are tax deductible via Fractured Atlas.

The Harriet Tubman Haiku Film Project

We will incorporate our short four and a half minute film “We Are Free Because of Harriet Tubman” into our Digital Dome Production. The second section of the 20 minute program will be a visual montage of images of Harriet Tubman’s route from Maryland, through Delaware, New Jersey, New York and onto Canada.

Participatory by design, the Planetarium/Digital Dome version will allow audiences to bring their own Haiku, read Sonia Sanchez’s Haiku in their native language, perform American Sign Language of the film text, dance or create their own music.

(preview) We Are Free Because of Harriet Tubman from Nadine M. Patterson on Vimeo.

We Are Free Because of Harriet Tubman is a meditation on resistance, history and nature. Professor Sanchez’s words speak to us today as many in America struggle to find their own liberation. The imagery is meant to heal and aid the viewer in reflection upon the text.

Harriet Tubman Collage

Why are we creating a version for planetariums? The night sky was an essential guide for enslaved Africans who made their bid for freedom. Individuals and groups who escaped traveled mostly at night to avoid being captured. The effect of being surrounded by sound and images in a planetarium, or digital dome environment, will yield a greater emotional impact upon the viewer.

Work-in-Progress Screening at the Painted Bride Art Center

We projected on gallery walls a work-in-progress at the Painted Bride Art Center, Friday December 7th, 2018 at “The What’s Happening Happening”.  Creative Team – Sonia Sanchez, poet/performer/producer; Nadine Patterson, camera/editor/director; Marlene G. Patterson, researcher/executive producer; Stephanie Malson, camera. Tech – Shot with the Panasonic GH4. Photos by Nadine Patterson and Charline Cravison.

The Incredibly True Unknown Tales of Lewis & Mary Latimer: How Electric Light Was Born into the World aka BLACK POWER 

The first iteration will be a Digital Dome Production that introduces the accomplishments of Lewis Latimer to new audiences. Latimer designed the telephone with Alexander Bell and improved Carbon Fiber Filament from a 30 hour lasting element to one that lasted hundreds of hours. It became the standard of the electric light bulb for the 20th Century. The second iteration will be a limited series or feature length film that is a fictionalized version of Latimer’s life and times. Currently in pre-production.

ABA Black Power Tee_orange letters_cities V2