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Anna Russell Jones: Praisesong for a Pioneering Spirit

Meet Mrs. Anna Russell Jones, a textile designer in the1920’s and 30’s, a WAAC during World War II, and a nurse in the 1950’s- a professional career woman ahead of her times. Produced by Marlene G. Patterson. Narrated by Toni Cade Bambara. Music by Warren Oree and the Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble.

ANNA RUSSELL JONES: Praisesong for a Pioneering Spirit from Nadine Patterson on Vimeo.

Tango Macbeth

Shakespeare, dance and world music! It’s a play, within a documentary, within a film.  A theater company rehearses MACBETH. A film crew documents their every move. The drama of the play intertwines with the drama of the making of the film. It’s unlike any version of MACBETH you have ever seen. Screened at the Museum of the Moving Image, the African Diaspora Film Festival Tour, and MARFICI Argentina. Watch on kweliTV in June 2021!

The Elkins Estate: A Jewel for Everyone

Client: Food for Life
Directed by John Roberts & Carmella Vassor-Johnson
Produced by Nadine Patterson & Marlene Patterson
Narration by Toni Nash
Dancer- Daniela Galdi of Blind Faith Project
Appearances by: David Dobson, John Gallery, Bill Chambres, Monica Lewis, and Diana Fine Luks
Edited by Sharon Mullally
Camera & Sound: John Roberts, Carmella Vassor-Johnson, Nadine Patterson


Narrative Short: Husband and wife dance couple separate when she pursues a career overseas. He stays behind to raise their daughter with his mother. Starring Jonathan McDermott (father/Courtland); Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes (daughter/Skye); with Sia Kpakiwa (wife/Mira). Directed and edited by Nadine Patterson. Camera Jean-Philippe Tremblay. Shot on Super 16mm Fuji film.

Moving with the Dreaming

This documentary explores the cross-cultural collaboration between African Americans and Aboriginal and Islander Australians in the area of modern dance and social activism. Broadcast on public television in Philadelphia PA and Tucson, Arizona. Winner of a Prized Pieces award of the National Black Programming Consortium 1997. Directed by Nadine Patterson. Director of Photography Carlton Jones. Edited by Karen McMullen and Can Candan. Produced by Marlene Patterson.


Experimental poetry documentary about children growing up in urban America. History intertwines with the present. Locations include The Johnson House in Germantown, which was a stop on the Underground RailRoad; Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell; Washington Square Park a.k.a Congo Square where paupers and soldiers were buried. Poetry by Ursula Rucker. Music by Lenny Seidman. Directed and edited by Nadine Patterson. Part of the LoqueeshaAshleyFranklinJoseBrown trilogy broadcast 2001 on WYBE TV 35 in “Philadelphia Stories”. Shot with the Canon Optura Mini-DV format. You can view the entire 18 minute work at the 2014 CULTURE UNPLUGGED online festival

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