Tango Macbeth is HipCinema’s Main Production for 2011

We are going for the gold in 2011! Tango Macbeth is a dance film version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Zane Booker is the choreographer and Lenny Seidman is the composer. Sia Kpakiwa plays Lady Macbeth. The film is set within a contemporary production of the play for a preview audience (think Vanya on 42nd Street meets Blood Wedding). We received a $10,000 grant from the Independence Foundation for research and development of the concept.  You can contribute to Tango Macbeth at IndieGoGo here.

The plan is to develop the music in January 2011 and prepare to shoot the final film at the end of the year. Which means we will be in perpetual fundraising mode from now until the film is released. We have set up a shop at CafePress called HipCinema Gear where each purchase will contribute towards the funding of Tango Macbeth.

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