Rick Ownes: Fusion of Fashion, Dance, and Traditional & Modern Cultures

Stepping has been around for a long time. An African American tradition practiced by sororities and fraternities today. It requires teamwork, discipline, and energy. Rick Owens uses it as a metaphor for his new line as well as an artistic form of expression. See post here on Rick Owens design philosophy. Owens enlisted women from four American college step teams — the Zetas, Washington Divas, Soul Steppers and Momentums.

Watch the video above and be blown away. This is what HIPCINEMA is all about, multiculturalism in all of its glory. The dance is influenced by African, Asian, and contemporary dance. The designs are influenced by African, Asian, and post modern art. The ensemble is multi-ethnic and features people of various body types. Imagine if Hollyweird decided to cast this way, American cinema would be truly exhilarating.

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