Help! Support Real Movies About Black Folks

I have not seen the film The Help. I do not plan on spending money supporting a Hollywood fantasy of Southern life in the 1960’s. I would rather promote the work of filmmakers of all colors who portray American history and life in all of its complexity and variance. I need help making my films. Other filmmakers of color and progressive white filmmakers need help making their films. Dreamworks Studios does not need my help in promoting ticket sales for their films. Major black organizations should not help Hollyweird promote or finance the kind of cultural genocide which films like this promote. If you want to see a film about African Americans “in service” I can show Thirty-Eight Twenty to your church or social group. If you want to see decent films about Black folks you can go to Reel Black. If you want to support black and multicultural independent cinema you can click here and make a donation to one of my films Tango Macbeth. You have choices. Don’t choose The Help. Now you know. You can no longer claim ignorance.

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