President Obama’s Past Statements on Net Neutrality and Innovation/The Danger of Mega-Mergers

This video is from the Free Press website. I believe we have to hold President Obama to his word by letting him know how important these issues are to us. The Comcast-NBC merger, a vertical integration move of incredible scale and magnitude, threatens the openness of the internet and our ability to use it as a two-way communications medium.

As stated on the Free Press “The phone and cable industries that control Internet access for 97 percent of Americans are spending tens of millions of dollars on nearly 500 Washington lobbyists. Their mission is to consolidate industry control over the Internet and kill Network Neutrality, before the public…. gets a seat at the table.”

Let your voice be heard. Write to the Federal Communications Commission, your city council and congress people, the Federal Trade Commission, your local newspaper, and your president. The airwaves, and grounds through which telecommunications companies build their networks are owned by the American People. We grant them access. We have a right to be heard just as much as any lobbyist or billion dollar corporation. They made their fortunes on our blood, sweat and tears. Without us they would be nothing. But we have to speak as one giant voice if we want to be included in the conversation. Let’s break our collective silence now. —- Nadine Patterson

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