Review of DIY DAYS in PHILLY


Nicholas, Nadine, Saskia, & Javier chill out at the Brandywine Workshop during DIY DAYS PHILLY

I had a blast at DIY DAYS here in Philadelphia on August 1st. This one day conference was sponsored by The Workbook Project and PIFVA. The sessions were held at University of the Arts and the after party at the Brandywine Workshop. My favorite quote of the day is from John Threat, “Nothing goes viral unless you sneeze on a few people.” People came from LA, Orlando, New York, New Jersey and every place in between to connect with Philly area media makers and exchange ideas. Shout out to Lance Weiler, Zeke Zelker, and Caroline Savage for pulling this amazing group of volunteers and speakers together. To see images and info from the conference go to the DIY DAYS page here. Peace.

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